Reiki is an energy healing technique from Japan that allows the life force energy, or chi, to flow through me, the practitioner, into the client to promote healing and relaxation. With it I can help to remove blocks in your chakras and aura. This can be done at a distance as well as in person.

Oracle Readings

I use an oracle deck for all my card readings. Oracle decks are unique in their content, where as traditional tarot generally follows the same suits and themes.

The deck I use helps to find to new remedies and ways to start new, learning from your past mistakes. If you are struggling with feeling stuck, doubting your intuition, or can’t seem to break bad habits – this deck wants to guide you through it.

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual coaching comes with every session. I meet you where you are and we work together to achieve your goals. I also rely on my psychic abilities and call on our collective spirit teams to guide our sessions.

Salt Cave Sessions

I am so grateful to be apart of The Orchard in Fort Collins, CO and have access to the salt cave! Click the link to learn more about the salt cave and halotherapy.

We can do all my services in the salt cave!


30 minutes – $45
45 minutes – $60
60 minutes – $80
90 minutes – $120

Salt Cave:

30 minutes – $70
60 minutes – $125

If you are looking to book a massage with me, please go to the Under Pressure Therapeutics website or call/text 970-286-0033.

“I have worked with Kari on multiple occasions and it has been wonderful each time. She is full of light & a very intuitive healer. There have been things brought to light through our sessions that I wasn’t even aware of. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone who is empathetic, understanding & gifted.” – Lauren I.

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